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Meet the Maker

LGL Soap Designs was created by Lori, a biochemist turned soap maker.

Soap making is the perfect combination of chemistry and art for Lori. Saponification is the ancient chemistry of mixing various oils with sodium hydroxide (lye) to produce soap and glycerin. Lori has enjoyed developing her own recipes, mixing oils at different proportions to give just the right feel to the soap- the right lather, moisture, and hardness to the bar. She enjoys making her products from scratch, selecting each ingredient for a specific reason. After doing all the careful calculations and measuring, then Lori’s artistic side kicks in, deciding on colors, scents, and designs of the soap.

Lori's business has taken her, not just into online selling, but also into the local community. Lori's involvement in local gift shops and markets has linked her to other local entrepreneurs. Here she found an unexpected connection and is motivated by their creative and entrepreneurial spirit.