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Lingonberry spice 5.5 oz candle

Lingonberry Spice Candle

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Scent: Spa-like, comfy mix of fruit and spice. Mix of apple, berry, lemon, cinnamon, clove. Grounded in cedar wood and musk.

About: Hand poured candle is made with para soy, a paraffin and soy wax combo. The clean burning benefits of soy are combined with the excellent scent throw of paraffin. 5.5 ounces per candle for approximately 30 hour burn time. For the best burn experience, allow candle to burn long enough until the wax pool melts all the way to the edge the first time you light your candle. This will mean future candle burns will be more efficient and leave less wax on the edges. Trim wick to 1/4 inch before each burning.

Safety: Do not leave candle unattended and keep out of reach of pets and children. Burn on a heat safe surface. Remove any debris from wax pool before lighting.