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  • Soap Challenge Club June 2022: Wood Grain Technique

    In this blog post I describe how I made this wood grain grain soap for the June 2022 Soap Challenge Club. I discuss what worked and what didn't and share multiple attempts at creating a wood grain soap.
  • Soap Challenge Club May 2021: Column Pour

    In this blog post I describe how I made this bright and swirly soap for my entry for the May 2021 Soap Challenge Club. The them for this month was the column pour.
  • Soap Challenge Club February 2021: The Kiss Pour

    Here is my entry for the February 2021 Soap Challenge Club. This is a "kiss pour" technique borrowed from acrylic pour painting. In this blog I discuss how I achieved this design and what factors were important in picking colors and controlling the trace of the soap batter.
  • Soap Challenge Club October 2020- Ghost Swirl

    The Soap Challenge Club, hosted by Amy Warden, is a group of soap makers who come together to learn new techniques and engage in a little healthy ...
  • August 2020 Soap Challenge Club: Layered Soap with Drop Swirls

    My entry for the August 2020 Soap Challenge Club. The challenge this month was to create a soap that was layers and contained a drop swirl on top. An additional design element, soap maker's choice, was also required  My biggest challenge this month was deciding on a color palette and and whether I wanted to keep those layers distinct or just let go and see what happens...

  • How to Make Your Bar of Handmade Soap Last Longer

    In this blog post I talk about why your handmade soap gets soft and yucky so fast when sitting in a wet soap dish. I also talk about how you can prevent that to extend the life of your handmade soap bar.
  • July 2020 Soap Challenge Club Entry: Natural Marble Soap

    My entry for the July 2020 Soap Challenge Club. The challenge this month was to create a soap that looked like naturally occurring marble. My biggest challenge in producing this soap was to create thin, fluid "veins" in the soap that resembled the veins in marble. In this blog I talk about the techniques I used.
  • June 2020 Soap Challenge Club Entry: Controlling Trace

    My entry for the June 2020 "One Pot Wonder" Soap Challenge Club. The biggest challenge for me to create this soap was to keep the soap batter fluid long enough to achieve the design. In this blog, I talk about the tricks I used to keep fluid soap batter and how successful I was.